Impressive Satisfaction Rates from Lumia 900 Owners


Between April 27, 2012 and May 18, 2012, leading market researchers, Nielsen, surveyed 810 Nokia Lumia owners who had bought the Lumia 900 within 45 days. The results look very positive. Of course, the survey was conducted before we found out that the Lumia 900 would not see an update to Windows Phone 8, but still that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the phone as it is right now. Meanwhile, the survey results are very impressive.

  • 96 per cent of owners are extremely
    satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their Lumia 900
  • 95 per cent of owners are willing to
    recommend the Lumia 900
  • 83 per cent say that their
    expectations are better or much better than expected
  • 85 per cent say they would repurchase
    the Lumia 900

The Net Promoter Score for the Nokia Lumia 900 was also extremely impressive. On a scale where anything above 0 is good and 50 is excellent, the Lumia 900 scored 63. For comparison, here is a chart from January of 2011 that shows NPS scores for other platforms.

The research firm found plenty of favorable comments from Lumia 900 owners as well:

“Windows Phone – plus the stunningly
different design from Nokia – in tandem, they offer an unprecedented, joyous
mobile experience.”

“The hardware is very good-stylish and

“I would recommend the Lumia 900
specifically because of the strong support Nokia is putting behind it.”

“Great phone with a trim OS that lets
you get things done quicker than on an iPhone.”

“It’s a phone that I
want to use, rather than one I
dread using.”

“You spend more time doing what you
want and less time looking for apps.”

Overall, this looks like some good news for Nokia. Do you think the results would be much different if the survey was taken again now that we know Windows Phone 8 is not coming to the Lumia 900? Or if you’re a current Lumia 900 owner, do you feel the survey results are accurate?

Source: Nokia Conversations

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