The Perfect Accessory? Samsung Patents Stylus with NFC and Wireless Headset, All in One


Take a look at your tablet and tell me what’s wrong with it. That’s right, it’s not a phone.

Now, look at your phone. What’s wrong with it? It’s not a tablet!

Ironically, phones are getting bigger screens, and tablets are getting smaller screens. Even still, one is very clearly not the other. Why is that? Could it be simply that we’re missing the “perfect accessory”?

In a perfect world

Imagine a world where you have a tablet that’s small enough to pack around with you everywhere, but big enough to still use as a tablet, and with all the “phoney” guts inside for data as well as voice. You can still write on it with a stylus and the screen is big enough to cross the line from “convenient” into the realm of “functional”.

Even at 7-inches, this tablet would still be too big to hold up to your face to make traditional phone calls with.


What if your smallish tablet was a phone? I know, I know, you’re still not going to be seen holding it up to your face, but what if you didn’t have to? The original Bluetooth headset

What if you had a wireless headset? True, Bluetooth headsets have been around for years, but only the geekiest among us go around looking like Uhura with a thing sticking out of their ear.

Most people I know keep their Bluetooth headset in their pocket or on their desk until they need to use it… and it usually gets left behind, so they don’t have it when they otherwise would have used it.

But what if your headset was with you all the time, ready for when you need it, but didn’t take up any extra real estate in your pocket?

Since you’ve already got a stylus for that fancy tablet of yours, what if your headset was part of your stylus?

A recently discovered patent indicates just that, a stylus with NFC and wireless headset, all in one!


Samsung has been trying to reintroduce the stylus with a few of their recent devices. Including a detachable wireless headset as part of their stylus is nothing short of genius. When in a call, the buttons on the stylus serve as volume controls for wireless headset. Brilliant!

There’s also been talk of NFC being built into the stylus and/or headset. What good would that serve? I’m thinking a fast on/off switch for the headset, or possibly a easy-pairing mechanism. What are your thoughts?

I want one

I miss the stylii that I used on my older devices (I’ve never used one on any of my Android-powered devices). I miss my Bluetooth headset, but not enough to pack one around with me everywhere I go. I think Samsung’s “perfect accessory” would be an ideal solution!

What about you? Do you think bundling a stylus with a wireless headset is an awesome idea? Or is it just another accessory that no one will use? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Image Credits: Patent Bolt via USPTO via Samsung; Paramount Pictures

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