What’s The Deal With T-Mobile 3G On The Nokia 808 PureView?


Nokia recently announced the upcoming start of US sales for its 41-megapixel 808 PureView Symbian handset, including the note that the phone would work just fine on AT&T, but be restricted to 2G speeds when operating on T-Mobile’s network. Based on what we knew of the international 808’s frequency support, which doesn’t include T-Mobile’s 1700MHz AWS band, that seemed like a logical consequence. However, Nokia has since revised its announcement to strike that statement. Just what’s going on with the handset’s support for T-Mobile?

Nokia now writes on its blog, “We incorrectly stated that the Nokia 808 PureView would only work with T-Mobile at 2G speeds. This was caused by an error in the spec sheet. We’re sorry about any confusion. The Nokia 808 PureView works just fine with T-Mobile in the United States.

That sounds great at first, but we’ve still got questions. Pulling up the phone’s specs page on Nokia’s US site, even following the publication of that new message, and we can see that it still only claims support for 3G operation on the 800MHz, 900MHz, 1900MHz, and 2100MHz bands – no AWS.

Now, it’s possible that Nokia is talking about the very limited 1900MHz service we’ve heard about T-Mobile testing, which will start seeing wider availability later this year, but we’d hardly call that “working just fine” on network. If there is full-on 1700MHz support in this US version of the 808, Nokia has yet to update the phone’s page to correct this “error in the spec sheet”. Suffice it to say, we’re even more confused following the company’s updated statement. Here’s hoping that we get the full story soon.

Update: As Michael points out in his recent editorial on the 808, Nokia used to claim 1700MHz support for the international 808, at least as revealed on its developer’s page, as well as in a data sheet for the phone it released. Despite that, we’re having a hard time finding additional confirmation of that band on Nokia’s other pages detailing 808 specs.

Nokia, will you PLEASE do us all a favor and get the correct 808 specs up on all the pages you have for the handset?

Source: Nokia
Via: My Nokia Blog

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