How to Root Samsung Galaxy S III (Video)


In our review of the Galaxy S III, most of our complaints were software-related. Thankfully, one of the best aspects of Android is that if you don’t like the software, you can change it, thanks to a vibrant third-party development community. All you need to do is root the device to get super user permissions and install a custom bootloader, like ClockworkMod. Then, you’re able to install any third-party ROM with ease. In this video we show you how to go through this process. Of course, there are always multiple methods of rooting, but this particular process was quick and easy.

Here are the steps:

1. Download and install the GS3 toolbox by mskip from XDA
2. Run the EXE, hit 1 to install drivers if you don’t have the Samsung mobile device drivers yet
3. Hit 2 for rooting options
5. Hit 3 to install all
6. Follow on-screen instructions
7. You’re done! Now, transfer a ROM you want to install to the SD card on your phone, then to enter ClockworkMod Recovery, hit volume up+home+power (while phone is off). Backup your existing ROM. Then factory reset, wipe cache, then choose “install zip from sdcard” and navigate to the ROM zip. That’s it!

In this case, we installed Omega ROM by ::indie::, which improves upon the stock Galaxy S III firmware in a variety of ways. The Galaxy S III is still new, so as of now there are no ROMs from CyanogenMod, VillainROM, or the other big names, nor is there a ROM to bring the Galaxy S III back to vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich–the way nature (and Google) intended. We’ll keep an eye out!

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