Has The GS3 Killed The HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE’s Shot At Success?


Since mid-April, it’s seemed like Verizon could be nearly read to release HTC’s Droid Incredible 4G LTE, the carrier’s answer to HTC’s One-series on other networks. With the phone popping-up early on Verizon’s Droid Does site, it looked like everything was set for the phone to arrive in early May, but instead we kept waiting. Now, a month later, the phone is still nowhere to be seen. Though there have been some recent rumors about when it just might get here, has the pending arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy S III overshadowed the HTC model to the extent that anyone who might have had interest in the Incredible 4G is preparing to move on to bigger and better things?

Verizon finally announced the Droid Incredible 4G LTE on May 7, but without any news of a retail launch date. Since then, we’ve heard a couple rumors of when the phone might arrive, with the latest looking to June 21. That would give the phone just a one-week head start on when Verizon’s GS3 could get here.

Unlike some of the high-end phones Verizon’s sold in recent memory, the Galaxy S III won’t have a premium $300-on-contract price tag, going for as little as $200 for the 16GB model. While we still don’t know the Incredible’s launch price, it’s not likely to be much lower than that, if at all.

With less storage, less RAM, and a slower processor, why would anyone choose the Incredible 4G over the GS3? Maybe you think the GS3’s 4.8-inch screen is too large, and that’s a valid opinion, but other than that, it’s hard to find a reason to go with the Incredible 4G. If it had arrived in May, this might be a different story for HTC, but we’re finding it difficult to be optimistic for the Incredible 4G at this point.

Source: Droid-life

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