Samsung Focus 2 Unboxing (Video)


The original Samsung Focus was a Windows Phone 7 “Series” launch device back in 2010, and it helped to set the pace for what has been a very warm reception of Microsoft’s new mobile platform. The Focus was great because it was thin and light, had fantastic performance, and had a particularly high level of screen sensitivity, which made navigation super fluid. Overall, it did Windows Phone justice.

When Samsung and AT&T announced the Focus 2, we had high expectations. While not the most impressively-spec’ed phones on the market, the Focus 2 has a capable 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU with 512MB of RAM and just 8GB of storage, with no option to expand the memory. Unlike the original Focus (which didn’t support the use of front-facing cameras), the Focus 2 has a VGA camera up front for use with video chat apps. On the back there is a 5MP camera that can shoot videos up to 720p. The display is unchanged at 4.0″ and WVGA resolution. Powering everything is a 1500mAh battery. It’s available for just $50 from AT&T.

First impressions:

– While the device is made of plastic and glass, it’s heavier than the original Focus (by 7 grams) and thus feels higher quality and more substantial.

– In-hand, the Focus 2 is much more rounded/less angular than the original Focus. This lends to a more comfortable in-hand feel, though with the slippery plastic, we’re afraid of dropping it.

– Web browsing performance feels much, much faster than the original Focus, but still a far cry from what can be found on high-end Android phones

– Pentile displays are just not cool anymore. They really impact the readability of the display.

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