Get Multi-Tasking, Picture-in-Picture Video Playback Today with Stick it! Player

It hasn’t been that long since we told you about the Samsung Galaxy S III. One of the cooler features of the phone, at least in my mind, is the multi-tasking, picture-in-picture, pop-off video player. This SGS3 feature will let you watch a video while you’re reading a web page, or answering email, for example. It’s really a cool idea.

Unfortunately, we’ve got to wait for the SGS3 to be released to get it. Or do we?

☆ Stick it! (Pop-up Player) is a media player app, available for download from the Play Store that will cost you around two bucks. I mention in the video that I bought my copy for US$1.79, but today it’s US$1.96, so your price may vary.

The app itself does exactly what one might expect it to do. It’s a little rough around the edges, has some odd “graphical anomalies”, and isn’t as smooth as one might hope when moving the window or re-sizing the video. Actual video playback, however, is almost always spot-on.

Want to see it in action?

Download ☆ Stick it! (Pop-up Player) from the Google Play Store

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