Why Haven’t You Rooted Your Android Yet?


We recently talked about why you should root your smartphone or tablet to get the most out of your device. Even if you’re not planning on flashing a custom ROM, why haven’t you rooted your Android yet?

For the first little bit, let’s assume that you want to root, but haven’t yet. Why not? That’s what we really want to know!

It’s too technical

This reason comes in various flavors: too technical, too difficult, or too confusing. Honestly, this is a very valid reason! The first step in rooting it usually connecting your device to your PC via a USB cable. That, in and of itself, isn’t all that difficult. Getting the right drivers and software loaded to to the unlocking, that’s a different story. I’ve unlocked and rooted a dozen or so devices (and only bricked two!). I feel your pain.

Big MacAll I can say is there are a lot of good Wiki and How-To articles out there. Hopefully there’s one for your device. If not, buy a geek some lunch and see if they’ll help you out! You’d be surprised how far a free meal can go toward getting a geek to share some techno-expertise with you!

I don’t want to void my warranty

As odd as it may sound coming from me, this is probably the most valid argument of them all. Generally speaking, rooting doesn’t void your warranty, however, if anything goes wrong you probably won’t be able to get warranty service. (Just like with my Galaxy Nexus and Secure Element Not Responding error in Google Wallet.)

Seal Broken

If this is your reasoning for not rooting, I’ll back ya — but once your warranty is up, why not go ahead and root? What do you have to lose?

I don’t need to root

This one is where the debate centers, and let’s not get confused with not wanting to root. There are many things that you may not need to do (full device backups comes to mind), but would be nice if you could do.

The CyanogenMod team is kicking around the idea of writing more robust APIs so root isn’t a requirement. Ironically, it’s the development community — not the OEMs — that are taking the lead in pushing for this. It’s ironic that when (if?) the CyanogenMod team gets to this point where you will no longer need root or superuser permissions, you’ll still need both to be able to flash their ROM on your device. Perhaps someday we’ll see a CyanogenMod Phone?

Or do you not need root because your Android is already so awesome that it does absolutely everything that you need it to? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: McDonald’s, blmurch

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