A Letter From the Editor-in-Chief


Greetings, all.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Brandon Miniman, the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Pocketnow.

Since 2005, when my tenure as editor began, so much has changed. We once strove to be the best Windows Mobile site on the planet — and then the industry evolved, and so did we. We broadened our mandate in an attempt to be the best Smartphone site on the planet — and then the industry evolved yet again. So we evolved as well, adding tablets into our scope of coverage. Why? Because we believe in the transformative power of mobile computing devices, whether smartphone or tablet. We’re genuinely excited by the prospects of what technology can do to better our lives. Each and every day we try to share this enthusiasm with you: we love this stuff.

Today is a big day for us as we unveil a top-to-bottom redesign. It features a huge focus on presentation of content: we’re using custom fonts, higher resolution imagery, and a design that feels much more like a magazine than it does a blog. With this redesign, we’re also rolling out a much-improved mobile site that makes it fast and easy to check in on our content (and comment on it!) while on your phone or tablet.

Not only do we look different, but we’ve made some deep changes to how we function internally. We’re placing an increased emphasis on video and editorial, as we endeavor to help you get the most out of your devices, or to help you decide which one is right for you among a sea of products competing for your attention.

I’m proud of this redesign, I’m proud of our staff, and I’m proud and honored that you read Pocketnow. It’s truly humbling to know that what we do is good enough for you to spend your valuable time here. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey. We’re just getting started.

P.S. Despite countless hours of testing, you’re bound to come across bugs on Pocketnow 5.0. Please be patient as we iron out all the kinks.

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About The Author
Brandon Miniman
Brandon is a graduate from the Villanova School of Business, located near Philadelphia, PA. He's been a technology writer since 2002, and, in 2005, became Editor-in-Chief of Pocketnow, a then Windows Mobile-focused website. He has since helped to transition Pocketnow into a top-tier smartphone and tablet publication. He's so obsessed with technology that he once entered a candle store and asked if they had a "new electronics" scent. They didn't.