Could This Nokia Lumia Model Really Be Running Windows Phone 8?


We’ve heard some rumors already that Microsoft had been testing current builds of Windows Phone 8 Apollo on Lumia-series devices. We didn’t want to get too excited, and assume that meant that current-generation Windows Phone hardware would necessarily be seeing upgrades to WP8 (a contentious issue at the moment), but if true, it would certainly be interesting news. Today, we get to take a look at a picture purporting to show just such an arrangement, but is it all it appears to be?

Supposedly, what we’ve got here is a Lumia 900 running an in-development Windows Phone 8 build. If you’re initially suspicious of what you see, we don’t blame you. There are some definite anomalies present, but are they necessarily signs of something fishy going on? Take, for instance, the completely blacked-out bezel. We can’t see any front-facing camera, any of the logos we’d expect, or the Windows capacitive keys. That could easily set off some alarms right there, but there’s always the chance the source behind this image wanted to remove some serial number, or other identifiable marking that might tip Microsoft off to where the leak came from. Using a mosaic effect to obscure the data might have been a less suspicious move, but this isn’t damning in and of itself.

The image on-screen here gives us some more reasons to think twice about this pic. That “Apollo v3.7″‘s a dead unusual way for Microsoft to be expressing Windows Phone version numbers, but then again, wouldn’t someone trying to make a fake image go to some length to keep things like that consistent with our expectations? Maybe the fact that it’s odd is evidence in its favor.

Finally, the angle of the display looks just ever so slightly off when compared to the rest of the phone. That could just be the way it’s being held, or it could be a sign of sloppy Photoshop job. Frankly, it’s hard to come to a conclusion about this find with so many unknowns, so for now we’ll just have to continue hoping for more signs of work on Apollo to surface.

Source: phoneArena

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