The Case for Skins: Why Stock Isn’t the Only Option


Smartphones and tablets are personal devices that reflect your tastes, preferences, and style. If you don’t believe me just look at how many kiosks you’ve got at your local mall that make a living from selling accessories for your cellphone.

You’ll find cases, skins, “jewels”, holsters, purses, headsets, and more — in every color, shape, and form. And all those are just for the exterior of your gadget! With all that customization to the outside of your phone, it stands to reason that people would want to customize the way their phone looks once they turn it on, too!

With stock Android ROMs you can usually change the wallpaper and the background of the lock screen, but that’s about it. Everything else you personalize by adding and arranging widgets, icons, and folders on your homescreens. With a custom launcher, however, you can customize so much more through themes and skins.

What can you do with skins?

How about a black theme to theoretically extend your battery life?

black theme
Maybe you’d like a theme that makes your phone look like it’s running a competing operating system like Windows Phone, perhaps?

Let your imagination run wild. Chances are there is a theme or skin already out there for your individual tastes and interests. You’ve just got to find it.

To take advantage of many of these skinning options, and to truly make your phone reflect your style, you probably only need to install a custom launcher from the Play Store.

open home
Once your new launcher is in place, you can find new themes and skins to use with it in the Play Store as well. If that doesn’t give you enough control you can always apply a pre-themed custom ROM which can customize even the smallest part of your device.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your phone or tablet a fresh look and make it feel new again by applying a new skin!

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