Samsung Releases Galaxy Teaser; Here’s What it Could Mean


Just a little history at the beginning: Samsung started its U.S. Galaxy Note campaign with a series of commercials which mocked Apple users (well, maybe mocked is not the right word, or is it?). Then Nokia came and called us all smartphone beta testers because, you know, the Lumia 900 is what you’ve been testing for your entire smartphone-related life.

Now Samsung has rolled out the first Next Galaxy teaser, to which the countdown we told you about earlier referred. Of course there’s no specific info on the phone but with images of the Galaxy and theatric background music everything seems “big”.

We told you what you might expect from the next Galaxy phone, believed to be the Galaxy S III. The teaser talks about a “wider view” of the world, which could very well imply a 1080p resolution — which is both a wide aspect ratio and definitely above anything else on the market today in terms of resolution and pixel density. Samsung wants and needs to future proof this device for at least 10 months, given their Galaxy announcement practices.

“The power to explore” could definitely be translated to quad-core processor, which is a must in a cutthroat competitive Android world. The new Exynos has everything it needs to be a benchmark killer. The word “fit” is repeated in the teaser, let it be in your hand or in your world, so expect a shiny new, sexy outer aspect.

However, only with the New Galaxy will you be able to stand out from the crowd… that is sheep. Apple iSheep? General sheep?

Source: YouTube, TheNextGalaxy

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