Why You Shouldn’t Care About the Apollo Upgrade Right Now


Lately everyone has been up in arms over all sorts of rumors as to wether the next version of Windows Phone codenamed Apollo will be coming to existing Windows Phones or not. Now we’re seeing rumors that it is being tested on the latest Nokia devices and may be available for the Lumia 800, 710, 610, and 900 as an upgrade, but at this point we really can’t say. So let’s just step back and get some perspective on this.

Most people buy new phones every 18-24 months. You usually have a 2 year contract where you get a huge discount on the new phone while paying a bit more per month along with the service. If you were a real early adopter who bought one of the first generation Windows Phone 7’s and are still using it… you’ve probably been pretty happy with it for a while now. And, your service contract probably expires right around the time that the first Windows Phone 8 devices will start going on sale towards the end of this year. This gives you a great advantage for upgrading. You’re probably going to buy a new phone when your contract expires anyway and there will surely be some great Windows Phone 8 choices for you by then. You’ll be a prime candidate for purchasing the latest and greatest Apollo device!

On the other hand, what if you’re a recent Windows Phone customer? Maybe you just got a Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II and signed a new 2 year contract. You’re certainly more concerned about wether or not you’ll get the latest and greatest Windows Phone operating system upgrade as soon as it becomes available. But which is better… having a great LTE Windows Phone right now and using it all year, or going back to your old phone that you’ve had for 2 years and using it for another year while waiting for Windows Phone 8 or whatever the next big thing is? Also, think of your new 2 year contract as expiring right around the time when the incredible new Windows Phone 9 operating system is around. You’ve got one of the latest and greatest Windows Phones RIGHT NOW… AND you’re a prime candidate for purchasing the latest and greatest phones to appear in 2014!

Of course, Windows Phone 8 hasn’t even been announced yet. You have no real info as to what kind of features it might bring to future phones anyway. Some people are so frustrated about not knowing if Windows Phone 8 will come to their devices or not that they’re thinking to switch to Android or iPhone when their contract is up instead. That probably isn’t going to help you though since you’re definitely not going to get Windows Phone 8 on those devices and the upgradability of those phones is just as unpredictable. Apple has a pretty good track record of keeping old phones up to date with the latest OS, but when it comes to the Macintosh OS, they have a very good track record of abandoning previous hardware versions (and older applications) quite frequently. Android on the other hand is very rare to get the latest OS upgrade in a timely manner especially if you have an OEM customized version.

So maybe it’s best to try to be happy with your choices right now and make decisions on upgrades when new options become available.

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