Would Nokia Sell Better with Android (Editorial)


In a recent article on PC Pro, a UK technology website, an executive for a mobile operator had some pretty harsh words for Nokia handsets running Windows Phone.

“No one comes into the store and asks for a Windows phone. Nokia have given itself a double challenge: to restore its credibility in terms of making hardware smartphones and succeed with the Microsoft Windows operating system, which lags in the market.”

What’s ironic is that these two companies, Nokia and Microsoft, used to lead in their respective markets. “Nokia” was all but synonymous with “cellphone” back when the mobile market was in its infancy. Microsoft’s mobile OS (which went by many names though it’s adolescence) had only Palm to compete against when it came to PDA’s and early smartphones.

Then everything changed

The iPhone showed us all what smartphones could be doing. Windows Mobile was quickly reduced to a chapter in cellphone history. Palm fizzled and all but disappeared. Apple was it.

palm tungsten 3

The industry reacted. Palm tried to compete with Web OS. Microsoft was late to the game with Windows Phone. Nokia (and others) tried to bring about a new OS based on Linux. Then there was Android.

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Android had the backing of Google, and gave handset makers the OS that they needed to compete against Apple. Windows Phone was still too far out to be viable and other Linux-based OSes didn’t have the handset support needed to compete against Android.

Nokia abandoned their Linux-based OS and had a choice to make: Windows Phone or Android. They couldn’t side with Apple, Apple wouldn’t let them. Can you imagine an iPhone made by Nokia!

Nokia picked Windows Phone, which carried a certain measure of irony. Two former leaders, both trying to re-invent themselves in the mobile arena, teamed up. It was kind of like putting a baseball team together comprised of older players that weren’t able to make the cut in the current season. Sure, the games would be interesting, but in the end the clear advantage would be to the younger, more nimble players.

Computer Operating Systems

tac 3

Like it or not, today’s smartphones really are just miniaturized computers that also have telephone features and functionality. Why not compare them to computers?

You can go into any office supply store and pick out a computer. Generally those computers come pre-installed with an operating system (which is typically Windows or Mac). Those with Windows can have another OS installed on them fairly easily. Sometimes you’re even entitled to a refund of the cost of the pre-bundled OS. In short, you can pick what OS you want to run on your computer.

Why not smartphones?

Imagine, if you will, a world where Nokia made fabulous hardware — but that was it. On top of this hardware you could install whatever OS you wanted: Android, Windows Phone, Symbian.

The freedom to chose would be yours — after all, isn’t it your phone?

Via: PC Pro


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