Galaxy S III to Launch May 3rd: Here’s What to Expect


All eyes will be on Samsung on May 3rd in London as they unveil their latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S III (though it’s possible they have a new name for it as to avoid “name inflation”: the numbered naming scheme might get tiring once we get to the Galaxy S VIII). In 2011, the Galaxy S II was easily one of the best-selling phones thanks to its slim form factor, beautiful screen, great battery life, and terrific performance.

What do we expect Samsung will unveil with their latest flagship? Here’s a breakdown of our predictions:

1. Form factor. Expect another slab form factor that is likely to be even thinner than the Galaxy S II, which was 8.4mm in depth. Also expect the use of premium materials such as metal, glass, ceramic, perhaps even carbon fiber. It’s possible that the Galaxy S III will have a unique design element like a wedge-shaped backing or a true curved display (and not just a curved piece of glass on the display like on the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus).

2. Screen. There are rumors that the Galaxy S III will have a 1080p screen, and we just don’t buy that, because between 720p and 1080p resolution on a smallish smartphone display, there’s not much of an advantage because after a certain pixel density, you cannot see pixels. Going to 1080p resolution would also dramatically impact battery life. That said, 720p resolution on a Super AMOLED Plus panel (with RGB subpixels and not pentile like on the Galaxy Nexus) is nearly a sure thing. Screen size will be bigger than 4.3″, but smaller than 5″. It’s possible that Samsung has found a way to dramatically decrease bezel size in order to make the screen bigger without having to hugely increase the size of the phone.


3. Power. The dual-core Exynos CPU from last year exhibited fantastic performance. Expect Samsung to evolve their Exynos line by making the jump to quad-core with embedded LTE, or perhaps a drastically better dual-core Exynos. It’s also possible that Samsung increase the amount of RAM from 1GB to 1.5GB or 2GB, not because you actually need more RAM, but because more is always better! In terms of storage, expect 32GB on the Galaxy S III, with the option to add more with microSD storage, or perhaps cloud storage.

4. Other stuff. We’ll surely see a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, which might be lighter than ever before. There will be a focus on photo and video quality, as there seems to be an arms race among OEMs to raise the bar in smartphone imaging. It’s also possible that some surprises might be on the horizon, such as dramatically long battery life, wireless charging, or some other game-changing feature.

Via: Engadget

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