How to Cut Your GSM SIM into a MicroSIM (Video)


As more devices are utilizing microSIMs, those of us with regular SIMs are faced with a choice: get two SIMs (and two monthly plans), or cut our regular SIM into a microSIM.

In this video I’ll show you just how easy it is, with the right equipment, to cut your SIM into a mircoSIM — and still be able to use it in devices that require the other format.

First, you’ll want to be using a “modern” SIM. Older SIMs kept their circuity beneath the entire card, whereas modern SIMs use only the area beneath the gold-colored contacts for the circuitry. These newer sims can be trimmed down to the new microSIM standard very easily, without much risk of damage. The older SIMs would be destroyed in the process. Unfortunately, there’s no clear way to tell which is which just by looking at it. If you got your SIM within the last couple years, you’re probably just fine. In either case, proceed at your own risk.

Next, grab a SIM Cutter. The one I used I got from for under US$6, including shipping. It was supposed to come with four adapters, but mine only came with three.

Make sure you follow the diagram on your cutter to align your SIM properly, then double-check. Then triple-check. Once you start the process you’re committed, if you aligned it incorrectly you’ll need to buy a new SIM from your carrier.

The cutter I used took a fair amount of force, as you can see in the video, but the card punched out correctly and ended up working great! I cleaned up the edges of the new microSIM and the insides of the “scrap” with a sharp knife to remove any extra plastic.

If you want to use one of the adapter trays to make your microSIM into a regular SIM again you’ll probably need to sand down the back of the microSIM a little. Instead, I’m using the “scrap” from the original SIM as my tray. If fit better than the adapter did in phones.

In the video you’ll note that the SIM wasn’t recognized right away. That’s okay. It usually takes several seconds to detect the new chip and set it up. Some phones require a reboot, for security purposes. I’d recommend you power-down your phone, insert your SIM, then book it back up with the “new” SIM in place.

All in all, everything went well for me. As long as you follow the tips I outlined above, your SIM cutting experience should be just as successful. Happy cutting!

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