Android Guy Weekly: Where Are Ads Unacceptable?

Ads help app developers release “free” apps, but they’re still able to make money through ad networks. Ads help content providers “pay the bills” so they can write content that you and I like to read, watch, or listen to.

Love them or hate them, ads are what let you get your apps and content for “free”.

Recently, T-Mobile USA updated one of their apps and “accidentally” included the ability to push ads into user’s notification bar — a space that’s supposed to be reserved for “important” information.

T-Mobile later apologized, but it’s got us asking, where are ads acceptable, where are they tolerated, and where should you never have to see an ad?

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Joe Levi
Joe graduated from Weber State University with two degrees in Information Systems and Technologies. He has carried mobile devices with him for more than a decade, including Apple's Newton, Microsoft's Handheld and Palm Sized PCs, and is Pocketnow's "Android Guy". By day you'll find Joe coding web pages, tweaking for SEO, and leveraging social media to spread the word. By night you'll probably find him writing technology and "prepping" articles, as well as shooting video. Read more about Joe Levi here.