Our Best April Fools’ Jokes Ever


This year, Pocketnow turns twelve years old. So instead of coming up with a handful of fake April Fools’ stories, we wanted to take a look back and share our favorite spoofs from previous years since we have such a rich history from which to draw.

2011: Nokia N8 Caught on Video Running Windows Phone 7

When we wrote this, there were no announcements about which Nokia devices would be getting Windows Phone. The N8 was a reasonable candidate, although Nokia had the N9 waiting in the wings, which would usher in the hardware to be used in the Lumia 800 and 900 series of devices.

2010: Windows Phone 7 Series Won’t Support Replaceable Batteries

This story was picked up by other tech sites are real news, probably because of its high level of believability. When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 Series (as it was then called), they also announced a handful of pretty specific hardware restrictions in terms of CPU and RAM speed and size, screen resolution, hardware design, and more. It wouldn’t have been unthinkable if Microsoft also required non-replaceable batteries. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

2010: Palm to Release Treo 950p Smartphone with Legacy Palm OS

After we learned that WebOS wasn’t the success Palm had envisioned, we thought it would be funny if, in a desperate attempt to sell devices, Palm would use their legacy Palm OS in current Palm Pre hardware. We’re glad this never happened as Palm OS isn’t exactly up to par with today’s standards.

2008: CTIA Live: The Motorola DOS-Phone

The Motorola D-Phone could have been an answer to then-lagging Windows Mobile devices sales. DOS is a well-known operating environment, but unfortunately, it lacks integrated with the web, among other tings.

2007: Details on the HTC Cayote A100

With a 160×160 grayscale display, a 16MHz CPU with 2MB of RAM, plus a design reminiscent of an earlier Palm Pilot, the Cayote could have been a low-end device for those that weren’t willing to spend hundreds on a higher end smartphone device.

2007: Windows Mobile 7.00 Naming Scheme Revealed

In a bit of a poke at how cumbersome Microsoft’s operating system names can be (anyone remember Windows Mobile 2003 SE for Pocket PC Phone Edition?), we surmised that the new version of Windows Mobile (version 7.0 or Photon, which never came to be), would have an endlessly long and confusing name.

2005: Pocket Pear PC Nearly Ported

Imagine being able to run a full desktop operating system on your Pocket PC! Well, back in 2005, you could do so with the Remote Desktop client with Windows. What if you could run Mac OS X on your iPAQ?

2004: HP Drops Windows Mobile on Future iPAQs

In 2004, there were two mobile operating systems vying for market share: Windows Mobile and Palm OS. The HP iPAQ line of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs represented the state-of-the-art in mobile technology. What if HP had abandoned the more-powerful Windows Mobile operating system in favor of the dumber Palm OS?

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