Samsung Exec Talks Galaxy S III Processor Choice, On-Board LTE


Over the weekend, we got to look at a new render purporting to be Samsung’s upcoming superphone, the Galaxy S III. In addition to the picture of the handset, we also examined some claims about the phone’s hardware layout, including mention of a quad-core Exynos 4412 processor. Now the Korea Times has a story out which quotes an anonymous Samsung exec discussing the GS3’s processor; while he doesn’t mention the 4412 by name, that’s likely what we’re talking about, and he provides some new details about the capabilities of the chip.

Supposedly the big motivation with these next-generation Exynos processors was to enable Samsung to have its own all-in-one system-on-a-chips with the latest modem fully integrated. So far, Qualcomm’s been the leader when it comes to producing such silicon, but Samsung hopes this new Exynos will signal a shift to Samsung relying more on its own components for its phones.

The unnamed Samsung exec claims that the Exynos at the heart of the GS3 will be built on a new 32-nanometer process, improving on the old 45-nanometer chips. This could result in a 50% increase in battery life, which will be handy since we’re dealing LTE. In this new Exynos, LTE support will be built-in to the processor, with HSPA+ available as a fall-back.

Something about the timing of this news, though, just doesn’t jive right with the rumors we’ve heard about the Galaxy S III. The source seems to discuss the new chips like they haven’t been produced yet, which sounds odd if we’re looking for a May release of the GS3. There’s also some interesting word choices, like reporting that the GS3 will use “Exynos-branded quad-core mobile application processors”, which seems to imply multiple GS3 variants with different CPUs. We’ll just have to wait a little longer for the official word.

Source: The Korea Times

Via: TmoNews

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