Purported Samsung Galaxy S III Render Looks Legit (Update)


If you follow Samsung’s design across devices, let them be smartphones or tablets, you probably know that there were slight changes to the outer aspect for many tablets in order to avoid litigation (yes, Apple). For instance, in Germany, the Galaxy Tab 10.1N has the speakers placed on the side bezel — and more recently, the Galaxy Note 10.1 — pretty much like TV sets back in the day.

Back to the story, what we see here looks to be the first render of the rumored Galaxy S III that made us look more closely without calling out fake the first second. What we told you above about the speaker placement on the tablet is valid for the device rendered above. It looks like it is placed on the bottom bezel and if you compare the design with the one of this year’s Galaxy Note 10.1, you’ll see that they’re the same.

We’re not saying that this is an official render, though it could be. What we’re saying is that it looks pretty legit, following the recent design guidelines for Samsung. Another thing to note is that the front-facing camera seems to have been moved to the opposite side, together with the sensors. Again, it’s something which should differentiate the device from the Apple phone and make it more lawsuit-proof.

What else can we see in the picture? Ice Cream Sandwich is definitely in and (un)fortunately — pick sides — TouchWiz is also is, though it seems to be a newer version with five bottom shortcuts and improved widgets.

And, while talking about widgets, we can’t help but notice the Calendar saying May 22 and the weather showing London. Could this be a hint pointing towards an announcement, a keynote probably to take place in the U.K. between 6:00PM and 7:00PM GMT?

One more thing to note is the dedicated camera button. We always like to see that and we sure hope the S III will feature that, regardless whether the render above is legit or not. We still have the camera bump but we thankfully no longer have the lower (radio) bump — which to be honest had a great role in helping you hold the phone.

Last but not least, there’s the Home Button and we’re positive that there is also a menu and a back button on the render. Remember, Ice Cream Sandwich supports buttons and if that’s the way for Samsung to go, the latest Android is not a limitation.

As far as the screen is concerned, the bezel looks to be somewhat thinner which could indicate a 4.5-inch display on the (relatively) same-sized case and form factor. If there’s anything we missed, let us know in the comments below. Also, tell us whether you’d like this to be the real deal or not.

Update: On the same note, another Reddit posting claims that the phone pictured in the very shady image below is the new Galaxy S III. It’s the typical “friend of a friend” case where someone is allegedly working for Samsung. Regardless, 4.7-inch screen is rumored with very little bezel, a ceramic backplate as well as two flavors: Vanilla and TouchWiz. We’re not sure Samsung would ever make that choice, at least not in this form.

Specs-wise the poster claims a quad-core Exynos 4212 4412 SoC, Super AMOLED Plus HD screen, twelve-megapixel camera, 2,250mAh battery and eight milimeters in thickness. Here’s the image:


Update 2: As Tomasz Holderny points out in the comments below (thanks!), the device rendered in the top image bears a striking resemblance with the Galaxy S WiFI 4.2, with a couple of twists. Is Samsung applying the same design policy or is it just a fake render based on the media player?

Source: Reddit (1)(2)

Via: GadgetsTip

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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