Just How Much Juice Does the New Apple iPad Need? A Lot


LTE is well known for being a battery drainer; many phones over the past months (and years, since their appearance) struggled with bad battery life and now Apple is bringing 4G LTE to its new iPad.

Add to the 4G LTE radio an improved screen with a huge resolution, a faster processor to cope with all of that and you might wonder how much juice does the new iPad need to run? The answer is very simple: a lot!

Apple didn’t mention the exact size of the battery inside the new iPad but, instead, the company said that it would deliver around the same battery life like the predecessor, the iPad 2 (around 9 or 10 hours depending on your connection type).

The only thing is that the iPad 2 has a 6944mAh battery and the new iPad has a gigantic 11,666mAh one. This is according to recent reports, and the 70% larger battery delivers the same amount of battery life: so, 4G LTE, Retina Display, new processor, more RAM, new camera, they all eat up that much (4,722mAh, in then hours, at least on paper).

However, the new iPad is just a hair thicker than the iPad 2 and just a little bit heavier. This means that Apple didn’t increase the size of its batteries (that much) but instead it increased the capacity and density significantly (almost doubling it). What will this mean on the long run? Hopefully they won’t die on us quickly!

Source: ZDNet

Via: IntoMobile

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