What Does Angry Birds Space Mean for the Galaxy Note ICS Update?


Besides the eventual arrival of the pink version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note, the other big upcoming event for the handset is its Ice Cream Sandwich update. Back in December, Samsung confirmed Q1 2012 availability for ICS updates to both the Galaxy S II and the Note. Fast-forward to today, and the Note finds itself involved in the promotional campaign for the next Angry Birds game; buried within those ads are some messages that are causing some smartphone sites to question the fate of the Note’s ICS update. Just what’s going on?

For starters, remember that Samsung isn’t bringing all of its phones up to Android 4.0. Some older models, like the Galaxy S, will be getting a “Value Pack” release that bring some of ICS’s functionality to Gingerbread as a compromise.

The latest Angry Birds Space teaser video describes how the app will launch with the Galaxy Note. At the end of the clip, a message appears in reference to the Note which reads, “Galactic Upgrade with Premium Suite coming soon”. That’s causing a fair deal of panic this evening as speculation spreads that this Premium Suite is the same as the Value Pack, and will serve as an update to go in place of Ice Cream Sandwich.

This theory doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us. For starters, there’s no reason for Samsung to even consider not delivering ICS to the Note, as its hardware is way more than capable of handling it; we’ve even seen leaked ICS ROMs for the Chinese version of the Note. Users will let manufacturers get away with not delivering full updates to older phones, but the Note is far too new to get any such treatment.

In the spirit of Occam’s razor, isn’t there a much simpler explanation? There’s likely nothing to be read into the use of the words “Galactic Upgrade”, since technically any update released for Galaxy-series Androids could be correctly described as such, and it’s probably just a cute word choice to fit with the space theme.

As for “Premium Suite”, given the context we’re dealing with, of an app exclusively launching with one phone, isn’t it far more likely that this phrase means “a suite of premium apps that will be delivered alongside the update”, presumably including Angry Birds Space?

Until we’ve got something more reliable to go on than this overblown reaction, we’re going to keep expecting Samsung to stick to its promise for ICS on the Note this quarter.

Source: Slash Gear

Via: phoneArena

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