Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp for Windows Phone Preview


“Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp” is the last Windows Phone Xbox LIVE “Must Have Game” of February and we’ve been waiting for this one for a long time, too. The game is essentially a port of 3 mini-games that you’ll also find in the full Xbox 360 game called “Toy Soldiers: Cold War”. The graphics look quite good and are very close to being the same as what you’ll see on Xbox.

The “Cardboard Theater” mini-game is kind of a rocket-firing target practice where cardboard targets pop-up or move across the screen and you need to shoot them with a rocket. You can control the speed and direction of the rocket after its fired by holding down the fire button and swiping the screen to change direction. You can change the speed by sliding the fire button up or down on the left. Hit as many targets as you can in 60 seconds.

The “Flyswatter” mini-game is another 60 second game but this time your toy soliders have a machine gun and you have to kill all of the flies flying around. Golf flies get you more points.

“Thread the Needle” is the last mini-game and this involves are long corridor of spining shapes. You have to shoot a rocket down the tube and aim it through the spining shapes for as far as you can.

The game also includes shared leaderboards that will show up on the Xbox 360 Cold War version of the game. You can change controls between swipe, tilting, and joystick modes as well as lefty or righty modes. There’s also a screen capture feature if you want to show off your score to friends even more than just by being on the leaderboard.

Overall I found the game to be a bit too easy. There are only 3 minigames. Two of them only last 60 seconds while the other lasts as long as you can keep the rocket going (which isn’t very long for me.) All 3 games are the same every time you play so the only real incentive to keep playing is to get your score to be higher than your friends. I unlocked 7 out of 10 Xbox LIVE achievements in maybe less than 30 minutes of playing. The last few are secret achievements so I don’t even know what else there is to do to get those.

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp will be available in the Windows Phone Marketplace on Wednesday February 29 for $2.99 with a free trial available so be sure to check it out.

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