CyanogenMod Asking For Your Help!


CyanogenMod is turning to the community for help pushing the project forward.

A little over a week ago they put out a call for donations to purchase new hardware to help with the builds of new versions of the custom ROM. What did they ask for?

“A couple of solid, stable Xeon-class servers with large amounts of RAM and fast disks.”

Oh, is that all? That’s a pretty tall order, but the community responded and later the same day the CyanogenMod team announced they’d reached their goal:

“I am absolutely amazed at the support we have just been shown. We’ve reached our goal, and maybe a bit more. We will be ordering the servers next week (Xeon-class boxes with lots of RAM), and should have the builds going again soon! Thank you again for the support!”

Now they’re turning to the community once again, not for hardware this time, but for creativity!

According to their post on Google+, Andy the Android has been “skating for years and is looking to retire” referring to their cyan-blue version of the Android robot, on a skateboard — the trademark logo for CyanogenMod.

How can you help? They’re looking for some creative minds to create a mascot or logo to replace Skating Andy and “carry the CyanogenMod brand forward”.

Does the mascot have to be another version of Andy? Not necessarily. They are looking for something “that may (or may not) be inspired by him, but not a bugdroid/Andy figure” per se.

If you’d like to help create the new face for CyanogenMod (the largest 3rd party Android distro in the world!) here’s your chance to make a name for yourself! You will be credited for your work, but you’ll have to turn over all rights of that work to CyanogenMod.

Submissions will be evaluated by the CyanogenMod team (sorry, no public vote) and should be emailed to [email protected] with “CM9 Logo” as the subject. Send your files in jpg or png formats, but keep in mind that the work will need to be re-submitted in a vector format after the winner is announced.

What’s more, the “cyan-blue” color palette is on the table as well. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it, however, the CyanogenMod team says they would “love to have some of that color retained to reflect our history”.

Interested? Submit your entry no later than March 9, 2012. A winner will be announced April 1st — which is probably a bad day to announce something this big (the CyanogenMod team has a history with April Fool’s jokes), so be prepared for some goofy mascot to be announced as a joke, with the real winner later that day.

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