Android Guy Weekly: Is Ice Cream Sandwich Broken?


It’s been three months since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich made its debut, so why aren’t we seeing it on more devices? Is something wrong with it? There just might be, and we look at some reasons why in this week’s episode of the Android Guy Weekly.

Google’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the launch device that ushered in Ice Cream Sandwich. Shortly thereafter it was released to the AOSP for other developers to begin working with. That was last November, it’s a few days shy of March.

How do you like the accessories for your Galaxy Nexus? What? You don’t have them yet? That’s because they haven’t been released! Remember, the phone was released three months ago, and the docks still haven’t arrived. According to a source at Expansys, quoting one of their suppliers, Samsung says Google has a problem in the OS that’s preventing the devices from working properly with the docks. Although we have to define that information as hearsay, it would seem to fit the available facts. As an aside, the Car Dock is supposed to be released tomorrow, with others the day after. We’re not holding our breath.

How many ICS devices do we have now? Not many. Sure, the number is growing, but very slowly. A few phones have ICS, along with a few tablets. A couple things about this are concerning: why so few, and why are new devices still coming with Gingerbread or Honeycomb rather than ICS?

Is Ice Cream Sandwich more difficult to build a device around? Or does it simply take 6-8 months to build a device running any operating system. If the latter is the case we’re simply seeing the tail end of the Gingerbread and Honeycomb devices coming to market, and the Ice Cream Sandwich devices will follow.

Then there’s Jelly Bean. We don’t know if JB will be Android 5.0 or if it will be 4.something. We have heard that it will likely be released in June or July. That seems like a short amount of time since ICS was released. The timing is suspicious enough that it’s led some to believe that JB is the “fix” for ICS, which was supposed to be the “fix” for Honeycomb. Then again, it may just be Google trying to get JB phones and tablets on the shelves for the holiday season.

All this comes down to the question: is Ice Cream Sandwich broken?

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