Stanford Shows off 5 Tricks With an NFC Enabled TV


What happens when you put NFC in an Android and a TV remote control? If the Stanford Mobile and Social Computing Research Group has anything to say about it, lots of very cool and collaborative stuff!

Photo display

It seems fairly obvious (once you see it in action) that one of the most useful applications of this type of technology would be showing your pictures (stored on your phone) in a slide-show on your TV.

Collaborative whiteboard

Much of the creative process is accomplished on a white-board. For years companies have tried to perfect the “digital white-board” concept. Some have come close, but there still is no “perfect” solution. What if you could tie your smartphone or tablet to a big-screen TV and use it to “draw on the board”? Others can do the same thing, sharing the same drawing space, and anyone can save what’s on the board to a file at any time.

Slideshow presentation

I just presented a 45-page deck of slides at work. With graphics-heavy pages, the presentation was 25MB — much too large to email. Part of my challenge was how to get the presentation from my desk to the presentation room at the other end of the campus. Had the conference room been equipped with this technology I could have given the entire presentation from my smartphone or tablet.

A game of poker

All work and no play makes Joe the Android Guy a dull boy. Luckily, the college kids at Stanford thought of that, too. Grab some buddies, and — BAM! — instant poker game!

Streaming videos from Netflix

When the game’s over (or you’ve lost all your chips), sign in to Netflix on your phone, and the TV instantly becomes the “big-screen” — even if the TV in question isn’t connected to a “Netflix compatible” set-top box!

Source: Stanford MobiSocial News

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