U.S. Judge Sides With Apple In Key Patent Against Android


Apple’s case against Motorola, in the Northern District of Illinois, brought Cupertino a significant victory in the battle against Android which might have positive implications in the big picture. The victory could positively impact on Apple cases against Android as well as those against companies like Motorola, HTC, Samsung (and any other Android device maker).

The judge in the case agreed to Apple’s interpretation of the term “real-time API” in the 6,343,263 patent (“real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data”), which will likely see Android infringe on the patent with no easy way around.


The judge sided with Apple in the interpretation proposed by Cupertino above and, according to Florian Mueller “a jury is very likely to find Android to infringe the patent based on that construction but much less likely to deem the patent invalid”.

The next case that will involve the above patent (and its interpretation) will be Apple vs. Motorola in Chicago, coming this summer. With Apple managing to score such a “strategically important legal victory … that could have enormous impact on Apple’s patent assertions against Android”, it will be interesting to see the outcome of the Motorola lawsuit (and the ones aimed towards Android in general as well as other OEMs).

Apple accused Andy Rubin that he got the inspiration for Android while working at Apple. If this turns out to be true Google can be found liable for willful infringement. It will be interesting to see what the jury thinks.

Source: FOSS Patents

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