McAfee Predicts A Move Towards Mobile Banking Attacks In 2012


McAfee needs no introduction and, in their report entitled “2012 Threats Predictions”, the company details some security threats regarding to the mobile world. They are forecasting “a move

toward mobile-banking attacks” in the year to come.

The reports talks about Android malware that is already known (Android/DrdDream, Android/DrdDreamLite, Android/Geinimi, Android/Toplank and Android/DroidKungFu) and tells us how “attackers have moved on from simple destructive malware to spyware and malware that makes them money”.

“In 2012 we expect to see attackers continue what they’ve done and to improve upon their attacks”, says the report. 2012 is the year where threats will be focusing on mobile banking: “as we use our mobile devices ever more for banking, we will see attackers bypass PCs and go straight after mobile-banking apps”.

While this is catch-up game, we are expecting platform makers, especially Google (as Android seems to be the most affected among mobile platforms) to fight hard, improve on security, close doors and do whatever necessary to protect users from such attacks. If you’re interested in more details, hit up the source link for the full report.

Source: McAfee (PDF)

Via: AndroidGuys

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