Christmas iOS Activations Probably Higher Than Android


If yesterday we heard from Mr. Android himself that there were 3.7 million Android activations for Christmas, today we have new information according to which iOS might have beaten Android in terms of activation volume.

According to recent reports, Apple iOS device activations could have surpassed Google activations on Christmas Day. Here’s the logic: 6.8 million iOS and Android devices combined were activated worldwide on Christmas Day, according to a Flurry report.

Andy Rubin was tweeting about 3.7 million combined for 24th and 25th. A week earlier, average Android activations were around 700,000 per day; taking a look at last year’s Christmas Eve activations, these were 50% up from regular daily ones, meaning there were probably 1.1 million activated for the 24th. This leaves the 25th with 2.6 million (total of 3.7 minus the calculated 1.1).

Now, back to the Flurry report: 6.8 million combined Android and iOS activations on the 25th, minus 2.6 Android activations gives us 4.2 million iOS activations for the 25th. Of course these are not all iPhones; iPods and iPads probably account for the difference but Google is also counting its tablets too (just that the Android tablet market share is considerably lower than the Apple one).

Of course, while there is no official wording from Cupertino, these are all calculations based on speculations and past numbers. Accuracy could be very well off but the question is: how off? What do you think?

Source: CNN Money

Via: Cnet

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