Fusion Garage Site Down; Will The Grid 4 Be Vaporware?


When we first heard about Fusion Garage’s plans for the Grid 10 and Grid 4, a tablet and smartphone, respectively, we couldn’t help but dredge up some memories of the JooJoo tablet fiasco. The saga between Fusion Garage and TechCrunch raised some serious questions about FG’s business practices, and when the JooJoo was finally released, it soundly underwhelmed. Maybe Fusion Garage had learned a thing or two since then, so we tried to approach these Grid products with an open mind. That may have been giving the company too much credit, as it turns out, and a collapsing web presence could be signaling both the company’s demise, as well as dashing our hopes of ever seeing the Grid 4.

Fusion Garage’s website is currently a mix of active and broken links, with no signs that an effort is underway to restore it. The company’s PR firm has reported that FG cut-off contact with it, forcing it to drop Fusion Garage as a client.

The last we heard of the Grid 4 was almost three months ago, when the Android-based smartphone got its FCC certification. In the interim, FG launched the Grid 10 tablet, but only a limited number seem to have gone out, with other orders going unfulfilled since early October. A post fro CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan to the company’s blog around that time read:

“We are standing behind our vision and our product and within four weeks at the latest we will show the market what we intended to show all along. It’s not pleasant being between a rock and a hard place but we have freed ourselves from that position now and are focusing on the road ahead. Stay tuned. We will deliver.”

That was on October 6. The company stopped updating its Facebook page a few weeks later. Unless something amazing happens, like getting its IP acquired by another company, it’s really starting to look like things could be through for Fusion Garage, and that the Grid 4 will never see the light of day.

Source: Fusion Garage (Google cache), Fusion Garage Facebook

Via: Engadget

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