Do Older Launchers Work on Ice Cream Sandwich? (Video)


Earlier this weeks we showed you Nova Launcher, a replacement that builds on the stock launcher, but brings back some of the features of the Gingerbread launcher that were re-worked for the launcher in Ice Cream Sandwich.

Some of you wondered if “older” launchers like Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher will work on Ice Cream Sandwich, and the Galaxy Nexus.

Why the two questions? The first has to do with the operating system and its ability to physically run the apps, the second question centers around the 720p HD resolution of the phone’s screen and whether or not the launchers would look look and function correctly.

Simply put, yes, both Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher Ex run just fine on Ice Cream Sandwich. They look and feel just like you’re already used to and are every bit as responsive as what you’ve come to expect. Both apps add a “menu” button back into the button bar at the bottom of the screen, and neither have the ubiquitous Google Search bar across the top of every screen (but you can add the Search Widget to any screen you’d like).

Both apps work just fine on the bigger screen resolution of the Galaxy Nexus. Although we didn’t show it in the this video, you can change the number of icons on your home screens (as well as the number of home screens) to your liking.

The only question we don’t have an answer to has to do with hardware acceleration. Apps written using the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK have acceleration turned on by default. We’re not sure if these apps do or not. If you know, please let us know in the comments!

What do you think? Does knowing that your favorite alternate launcher apps work just fine on the new OS help you feel more comfortable with Ice Cream Sandwich? Will you replace your stock launcher with another launcher app? We’d for you to tell us why, or why not, in the comments below!

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