Apple’s App Store Sells 300% More Than The Android Market


Now here’s an interesting note. Apple’s iPhone 4 may be one of the best selling smartphones on the planet, but it’s no secret to everyone that there are more Android Smartphones sold if we would compare Android as a platform against iOS. So mathematically, there are more Android Market customers out there, than there are iOS App customers, and still a recent study shows that iOS Apps generate 300% more revenue for developers than their Android counterparts.

According to Flurry Analytics, for every dollar generated by a specific app in Apple’s App Store, that same app will only make $0.24 in the Android Market. Other revealing statistics show that new app projects in the Android Market have actually declined in 2011, even though Eric Schmidt recently came on record to state that developers will prioritize building Android apps over iOS apps in the next 6 months.

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In the first quarter of 2011, 63% of the new app projects were iOS and 37% were Android. The number of projects has almost doubled in a year, but Android’s popularity dropped to only 27% of those projects, even though mathematically that still is more projects than what they started with at the beginning of the year.

So the biggest question here is, what triggers this? What is it about Apple’s App Store that makes a much smaller amount of customers be willing to consume more apps? Isn’t more phones supposed to add to more revenue for apps? IMHO a lot of this has to do with quality. Lot’s of Apps in the Android market don’t compare to their iOS counterparts in quality. It’s something I’ve never understood when both apps were built by the same developer, but it’s a fact for a large majority of the content out there.

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Via: Apple Insider

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