Android Application Weekly – Spirit HD, Snap Music, Green Screen, Fooducate, Wi-Fi Finder


In this episode of the Android Application Weekly we demonstrate some apps that will keep you entertained, help you find an open Wi-Fi hotspot, and use your Android as a green screen type camera. To download these directly to your Android smartphone or tablet just take a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner or click on the app title link to be taken directly to the Android Market.

Spirit HD – On sale for $0.10

Spirit HD is an addictive game in which you must surround the enemies before they are able to attack you. Create a complete circle around the targets to have them sucked into a vortex. If you are able to create a large enough vortex, it will cause a chain reaction and devour the oncoming waves of enemies.

Snap Music – A free application

Snap Music is a great app for anyone that has tons of music that will not fit on a microSD card. This app works by streaming your tunes from your PC. Just load the Snap Music program onto your computer and select the files that hold your music. The Snap Music app is free but does require a Snap Music subscription.

Snap Music
Green Screen – No lite and $0.99 full version

Green Screen is a really neat app that allows you to place yourself or friends in many different scenes. Just take a photo in front of a colored background and select the color to be removed. Green Screen will automatically create a keying effect to remove the background and allow you to select where you want the scene to take place.

Green Screen
Fooducate – A free application

With Fooducate you will be able to shop healthy for you and your family. Scan barcodes of items and Fooducate will display nutrition information, detailed ingredient lists, and much more. View alternatives that might be a healthier choice.

Wi-Fi Finder – A free application

As many mobile service providers move to tiered data plans it is a good idea to know where the closest hotspot is. With Wi-Fi Finder you will be able to find many open Wi-Fi hotspots in your vicinity. If you do not have an active data connection you can download the database onto the app so you will be able to find a hotspot easily without incurring any unwanted charges.

Wi Fi Finder
Live Wallpaper – My Beach 3D On sale now for $0.10

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