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In this episode of the iOS App Picks we demonstrate five applications in 30 seconds each. These apps will keep you entertained, allow you to create and mail holiday greeting cards, and listen to radio stations from around the world. To download these apps directly to your iPhone, just click on the title of the application and the iTunes software will automatically launch to the app in the App Store. If you have the free Google Search app installed on your iPhone just snap a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner that will launch the App Store on your iPhone.

Fanhattan – A free application

With Fanhattan you will be able to view the newest and best movies available in iTunes. See ratings from Rotten Tomatoes to make sure the movie or TV show is right for you. Watch previews and check out an excerpt about the videos. If the movie is available on Netflix the Fanhatten app will automatically take you to the movie or TV show on the Netflix app.

Sincerely Inc – A free application

Sincerely Inc Holiday Cards is similar to the Cards app created by Apple. The app allows you to customize your own personal holiday cards and have them mailed to practically anywhere in the world for a small fee. This app is easy for anyone to use and makes sending customized greeting cards effortless.

Dolphin Browser – A free application

Dolphin Browser has been popular amongst Android users for a while and now iOS has the same great browser available. With Dolphin you will be able to download files directly to your iOS device, view real desktop modes, have many tabs open at the same time, and much more. The browsing experience on your iOS device is much more desktop like with Dolphin Browser.

Tunein – A lite and $0.99 full version

Tunein Radio is one of the best Internet streaming radio apps available. This app allows you to listen to radio stations from around the world over a data connection. Search for a specific genera or listen to radio stations in your area that broadcast over the web. The paid version has many more features available than the lite version including the ability to record.
Meon – A free application

Meon was a popular app at the end of Windows Mobile and is available for iOS. This challenging puzzle game is simple to play, yet difficult to master. The object of the game to is aim the Meon, which emit a light, at various substances to reroute the beam, split it, change the color, and much more. If you are able to unlock all of the Meons in the level you will be able to move onto the next.


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