Samsung Galaxy Nexus First Boot (Video)


Android’s first-boot sequence has remained relatively unchanged since the T-Mobile G1 was released years ago. That’s all changed with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

After you’ve installed your battery and SIM, a long-press on the power button begins the first boot. A quick vibration and “Google” logo reassure you that the bootup has started. The boot animation on the Galaxy Nexus is very similar to that found on the Motorola Xoom, a Honeycomb-based Android Tablet. Very quickly you’ll be met with the welcome screen which lets you select your language and locale (or place an emergency call), and has a simple line-art version of Andy the Android. Press the Start button and you’re on to the next step.

Next you can sign-in to an existing Google account, get a new one, or skip the setup process. Once you’ve answered a few questions and begin to use the phone for the first time you’re given some very helpful hints and tips as you use various features of the phone. Although it might seem like this could get in way of power-users, the hints can be quickly and easily dismissed.

Everything on the phone looked crisp and sharp. The soft-buttons at the bottom of the screen look like they’re printed on the phone — that’s how high the resolution is.

We’ll dig into even more new and exciting features of Ice Cream Sandwich and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in upcoming videos, so stay tuned to the pocketnowvideo channel on YouTube for more Galaxy Nexus videos!

Thanks: Rawat

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