Samsung Doesn’t Play Nice, Galaxy S II Ad Mocks iPhone 4S?


We’re sure you’ve seen many types of commercials and so have we. This one isn’t that much different from many we’ve seen, and we’ve grown to hate. Here’s the deal: Samsung is taking a bite out of Apple in the new Galaxy S II ad which is mocking the iPhone 4S and its users.

Several countries have laws against unfair commercial practices but we’re not here to discuss the law. What we’d like to pinpoint is that, while the Galaxy S II is a wonderful device, Samsung shouldn’t market it the way you’ll see below. From the first second until the end, this seems to be an anti-commercial for the iPhone 4S rather than a Galaxy S II ad. And once you start doing that as a company, question marks are due. But then again, given the history between these two, Samsung might fight with all of its weapons. After all, they’ve lost another episode of the legal saga. Not cool, Samsung! if this is something you call your own! At least we know the device make and model Samsung fears most! What do you think about this ad?

Note: Given the fact that the ad below is not on Samsung’s official YouTube page (but a different channel), there are chances that it has no official support.

Edit: …and it’s live on Samsung Mobile USA’s Facebook page, and on YouTube, confirmed via Twitter. Not cool! More videos on YouTube.

Edit 2: Some will of course say that there is no mention of Apple or the iPhone. While this is indeed so, there is Apple product placement in the ad, so there really needs to be no mention of the make and model.

Source: YouTube

Via: TiPb

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