Windows Phone Launch Event in New York City


As you may already know, yesterday Microsoft had a few big launch events for Windows Phone 7.5 in New York City. From about 9:30 am to 6 pm there was a 6 story tall Windows Phone in Herald Square. At the top it was showing Windows Phone related tweets as notification pop-ups and live tiles were rotating between different apps or whatnot through most of the morning. A quote from our Windows Phone 7.5 review actually showed up in one of those tiles a few times. Then at noon the big demonstration and series of performances began. Check out the video below to see how that went.

The giant phone’s screen was actually made up of movable panels that could open up to show various stages where the Far East Movement may show up and play a few songs, or some weather reporters from Accuweather might give you a forcast next to the Accuweather live tile, or Plants and Zombies might dance around.


At one point one of the live tiles opened up and some one proposed to his girlfriend. After she said yes, the Facebook tile on the phone indicated that this guy’s relationship status had been updated to “engaged”.



The Far East Movement did a pretty great concert from one of the live tiles.


At one point there were some beauty tips demonstrated for the purpose of getting yourself a better looking “Me” tile on Windows Phone.


At around 6pm is when the night-time party started at the Atman building further down town. Guests who had registered through Facebook were given a wrist band with an NFC chip in it which they could use to interact with Facebook and enter contests while at the event. For example, you could have your photo,to taken in Angry Birds costumes and tag yourself on Facebook from kiosks nearby. There was also a Fruit Ninja contest, a few phone demo areas, a wall of apps, and some very cool lounge-like set-ups with plenty of new Windows Phones set up on tables for you to play with. Nicely there were also staff members milling around offering to show you some of the cool features on these phones. Not only that, but they were actually all set up with real content and apps so that you could see how they actually work, which is not always so if you go into most carrier stores.

Oh, and there was an awesome concert from Matt & Kim!


A few times during the event, Derek Snyder got up on stage and gave away new Windows Phones to Twitter account holders who tweeted certain things during the event.


Our friend Vin Rock attended the party as well and all of the guests got to hang out with some of the great Windows Phone team celebrities.

I know a lot of Pocketnow readers attended yesterday’s events since many of you introduced yourselves and said how much you love our site. Thank you very much for your support and it was great meeting you!

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