Does Your Smartphone Have an Unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich Port?


While we’re all waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to arrive and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to be released to the AOSP, the is another way that we can get ICS on our phones: ports from the ICS SDK.

In most cases the result is closer to something you’d expect from “Dr. Frankenstein” than a “plastic surgeon” in terms of elegance and full-functionality, but being able to run ICS on your own phone before it’s available to anyone else can be too hard to pass up!

Since the SDK was released, here are some of the more noteworthy phones that have gotten the new OS ported to them:

Sony Xperia X10

Source: XDA

Known Issues: Touch screen doesn’t work

Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Source: XDA-Developers

Known Issues: Touch screen doesn’t work, screen resolution needs fixing

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100

Source: XDA-Developers

Known Issues: No video is displayed, because they don’t have the video driver working yet

Sprint Epic 4G

Source: XDA-Developers

Known Issues: Touch screen doesn’t work, keyboard mapping is off

Nexus S

Source: XDA-Developers

Known Issues: Bluetooth, Panorama Mode, Camera will FC for the 1st time

Nexus One

Source: XDA-Developers

Known Issues: Video decoding, audio is iffy, Wi-Fi may or may not work

Based on what we’re seeing, if you have a smartphone that’s even remotely recent, Ice Cream Sandwich should work just fine — once drivers are worked out.

Did we miss a phone that’s got an ICS SDK port? Let us know in the comments!

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