Pre-Order Your Galaxy Nexus Car Dock and Multimedia Dock Now


The Nexus One could recharge its battery when placed in a car or desktop dock the “three gold dots” on the bottom of the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus appears to have the same type of “gold dots”, this time on the side of the phone. We assume they function just like the dots on Nexus One… but that means you’ll need a special dock to take advantage of the “plug-less” charging.

We haven’t heard anything official from Samsung regarding accessories for the Galaxy Nexus, so we’ve been left to wonder.

If one particular website is correct, not only will the Galaxy Nexus get its own special docks, those and some other accessories are available for per-order right now. Shipping is scheduled for November 21st, 2011 (or later, for some accessories).

Also, if the information is correct, the site confirms that the Galaxy Nexus will ship with a 1750mAh battery.

All of the following are listed as “Genuine Samsung Accessories”, though no pictures of the product are provided:

Vehicle Mount ECS-K1F8BEG: MSRP $39.99, Price $34.99

Multimedia Dock Samsung EDD-H1F8BEG: MSRP $69.99, Price $49.99

Battery Charging Stand w/1750 mAh Battery and Travel Charger: MSRP $39.99, Price $33.96

Standard Li-Ion Battery, 1750 mAh EB-L1F2HBYB: MSRP $39.99, Price $25.20

Case Mate ‘Barely There’ Case, Glossy White CM017192: MSRP$24.99 , Price $15.09

Two Piece Soft Touch Snap-On Case, Electric Blue 378846: MSRP$19.99 , Price $8.16

Image: Android Community

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