Pentagon Clears its First Android Handset


The United States’ Defense Information Systems Agency has finally approved an Android-powered device! The process for approval reportedly started back in September 2010 when Dell began working with the agency to provide a device for use with “secure but unclassified” communications.

The lucky device? The now-discontinued Dell Streak 5 running Android 2.2.

Why the Streak 5? Apparently the military likes its not-too-big but not-too-small size. Before you get your hopes up, it’s not a stock Streak 5, it’s got a suit of other apps and extra “security” built in.

Although it’s no longer being commercially sold, Dell is making the Streak 5 available to the Department of Defense.

The “secure but unclassified” communications caveat means the device won’t be able to be used in more “sensitive” applications, but for that the NSA is reportedly working with Google to “harden” the Android kernel. So we could see an Android with “Top Secret” clearance — eventually.

Source: Defense Systems

Via: Engadget

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