What to Buy: Nexus S with Ice Cream Sandwich or Galaxy Nexus


With the recent announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich, pocketnow readers are asking themselves whether they should shell out the money for the new Galaxy Nexus, or if they should wait until the Nexus S gets it’s Android 4.0 update (which we’re sure it will).

Once the new Galaxy Nexus comes, it’s older sibling, the Nexus S, should see a price-drop. Theoretically you could pick yourself up a Nexus S after the new phone goes on sale and save a bunch of change… then simply wait for the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to come to the Nexus S and get most of the benefits of the new OS.

(In Sweden, where pocketnow reader Juraj lives, the Nexus S is currently selling for half the price that we expect the Galaxy Nexus to go for when its released.)

It’s a good theory, and one we suspect could save you a bunch of money, but what would you be missing if you opted for that route?

First of all, the Nexus S is still a fairly powerful phone, so speed probably won’t be an issue. It’s a single-core processor, so it won’t be as fast as the new Galaxy Nexus with its 1.2GHz cores humming away inside, but it should still run ICS at a reasonable clip.

Next, screen size and resolution isn’t going to be the same between the two, but we don’t think you’ll mind.

You won’t have the new, fancy barometer inside the Nexus S, so GPS fixes won’t be sped up, and you won’t have the possibility of future apps that could use it for weather forecasting and alerts. Since you don’t have that now, it’s likely something you won’t miss.

The Nexus S still has NFC built-in, so all the new tap-to-beam sharing should work — in addition to the current NFC tricks, like Google Wallet.

Of course, you won’t have the cool new “curved” phone that the Galaxy Nexus promises, but the Nexus S does have a curved front, so at least you’ll get some of the “curvy” experience.

So, yes, waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to be released, then picking up a Nexus S for a killer deal will likely give you most of the new ICS experience while saving your pocket-book some hard-earned green.

You’ll just have to be patient for the price to drop, and for the ICS upgrade to come to the Nexus S.

Thanks: Juraj

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