First Test Photos: Bliss, Droid HD, Hero 4G, Revolution 2, & More


Now that cellphone image sensors have evolved beyond the dark days of sub-megapixel blockiness, photo quality has become an important determinant when choosing among handsets. To that end, we’ve collected sample shots from some upcoming models, hopefully giving you a basic idea of what to expect when you release the shutter. Of course, as we’ve noted before, test shots from pre-release devices often don’t represent the output from shipping products: camera firmware, which plays just as important a role as sensor quality, is often tweaked right up until the last minute.

In situations where more than one sample photo was available, we tried to pick a nice-looking shot, although we certainly didn’t pore over each and every option. Full-size images are hotlinked to the resized versions below. Other than resizing/resampling photos to fit the layout — and blurring out children’s faces — no changes were made to their appearance.

HTC Bliss

LG VS920 “Revolution 2”

Samsung SGH-i937 Windows Phone 7

LG P690 Optimus Net/Gelato

Motorola Droid HD

LG P930

Nokia 701 Helen

HTC Hero 4G

LG enV Pro VS-761

Nokia 700 Zeta


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