Anonymous CyanogenMod Member Spills the Beans on Nexus Prime


With less than a day before the announcement of Android “Ice Cream Sandwich”, a member of the CyanogenMod team (who wishes to remain anonymous for the safety of his/her career safety) was reportedly caught in a Google+ Hangout… allegedly spilling the beans on the next Nexus smartphone from Google.

Apparently the CyanogenMod team has been working closely with Google for the last two months. Google, it seems, has acknowledged the combined experience and technical knowledge of the CM team and decided to bring them in to to help “design, develop, and deploy the next Nexus device”.

The story goes that after “a few drinks” with other “Team Douche” members, the anonymous source “divulged the path with which the next Stock Android device has come to fruition”.

What was said in that drunken Google+ Hangout? Apparently the new device will be able to dock into a tablet and a television, which completes the “three screens” on which Android devices currently run — unified in a single device, albeit with accessories to accomplish the transition from smartphone to tablet to TV.

Speaking of accessories, the source also mentioned a sliding keyboard dock, a kinetic recharging system (to extend battery life, like those seen on some flashlights), a car mount, and a “personal QR code projector”.

Is any of that true? We don’t have any corroborating sources, so take it with a grain of salt.

However, we have long surmised that there would eventually be a unifying version of the Android OS that would bring smartphone, tablet, and TV together. Additionally, we postulated that the API’s “fragments” would be the mechanism through which app support for the “three screen” metaphor would be accomplished.

We have also forecast the possibility of a Google TV experience, sized appropriately for the screens on smartphones and tablets. While that doesn’t lend any creditably to the story, it could mean that our most radical musings about the future of Android-powered devices could be coming true, and announced as early as tomorrow.

What do you think? Are our predictions way off base, or spot on? Is this “drunken anonymous source” reliable, or just red herring? Did Google really bring in the CyanogenMod Team into the development of Ice Cream Sandwich and the next Nexus smartphone? Or is the whole thing just a lie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Russell Holly

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