Five New Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Games Shown at Comic-Con


At Comic-Con in New York this passed weekend, the Xbox exhibit was extremely popular. There was a 2 hour line if you wanted to try out Mass Effect 3, but while you were waiting in line an Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone representative might have come by and let you play a few new mobile games on his phone while you waited. These were unreleased Windows Phone Xbox games too. I thought that was a great idea, since these are clearly hardcore Xbox fans and getting to play with Xbox phone games while waiting in line is sure to be a fun way to help pass the time. Check out the video below to see these five new Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games that are coming soon. Most of these we’ve heard of already, but it’s good to see them in action.

You’ve got “Chickens Can’t Fly”, which actually includes some special Windows Phone 7.5 features including unlock-able ringtones and the ability to pin certain sections to your start screen.

You’ve also got ORBITAL, which is a puzzle game where you have to keep oribitals from getting too large and too close to your home base. This game offers a 2 player mode, but both people have to be using the same phone at the same time. It’s not a wireless 2 player game.

Next there’s Kinectimals for Windows Phone, which is similar to the Kinectimals game you’ll find on Xbox Kinect. The phone game has a few special features though. For example, there are 6 new cats that you can play with on the phone, and you can transfer your trained animals between the phone and the Xbox using QR code scanning. For some reason the developer was more comfortable using QR code scanning to transfer information between the games rather than storing data through your Xbox Gamer Tag ID or even Microsoft Tags. Another cool thing you can do with Kinectimals is take a picture with the camera, and then super-impose your virtual pet over the picture in a variety of poses and positions. Then when you’ve got a fun image that you like, you can upload it to Facebook right from your phone.

Toy Soldiers Boot Camp is a fun target practice shooting type game for Windows Phone. It’s similar to the mini-games in the Toy Soldiers Cold War game for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Fusion Genesis is an XBLA game that communicates with a Windows Phone companion game called Fusion Sentient. They are two different games with totally different environments and game play, but they are able to communicate with eachother. So where as in Fusion Genesis you are flying a spaceship around and shooting things, in Fusion Sentient, you are controlling robots and building them up with different features or fighting enemies. The cool thing is that you can bring your sentient robots into the Xbox LIVE Arcade game and they will float around your spaceship to help fight the bad guys. You can also sell the sentient characters that you build on the phone in the Fusion Genesis game in order to make more money for other upgrades.

Let us know what you think of these new games in the comments.

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