Windows Phone 7 Mango: The Missing Features


We were surprised and excited to learn about the many surprise features coming to the Windows Phone 7 Mango update, which is due out later this year, or perhaps early next year (Microsoft has yet to announce a date). And it’s very possible that there might be yet more new features coming, and we’ll hear about them as we get closer to the release of Mango.

But assuming that the update’s feature set is pretty much finalized, what is missing? What key features, if included in Mango, would make Windows Phone 7 even more compelling? We put together such a list. Here are the missing features of Mango:

1. WiFi and USB tethering!

2. Screen capture

3. Flash support in the browser

4. Support for front-facing cameras and video chat

5. Turn by turn text-to-speech navigation with offline support

6. Support for third party keyboards

7. Landscape support for Start screen

8. Sharing options for video (MMS, Facebook, Twitter, Skydrive, etc)

9. Smart dial to make dialing faster

What features would you like to see included in Windows Phone 7 Mango?

Adam Lein contributed to this article.

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