What Can We Learn from the Leaked Ice Cream Sandwich APK List?


If a tipster is to be believed, the Google’s next phone, which some are calling the “Nexus Prime”, should be very light on pre-install apps (which some call “bloatware”). In addition to the the standard set of apps that one would expect (Browser, Calendar, Contacts, etc.), there are some more interesting .APKs that may be bundled with the phone.

The first item of note is the FaceLock.apk that we told you about last month. With a name like that the app could be a facial-recognition lock-screen that uses your own face as the “password” to unlock your phone. How cool would that be!

Next, BooksTablet.apk might imply that the Google Books app that comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich is going to be the same version that we’ve gotten used to on Honeycomb-powered tablets.

It looks like Google may be bringing bookmark synchronization with your desktop web browser to your handheld: ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk

A few .APKs lend support to the theory that the Nexus Prime will be a Verizon phone before it comes to other carriers: VZWAPNlib.apk, VZWAPNService.apk.

Other interesting .APKs:

– SDM.apk

– PhaseBeam.apk

– TagGoogle.apk

– Stk.apk

– BIP.apk

– KeyChain.apk

– Thinkfree.apk

What’s missing? Other than what looks like a few games, there’s relatively little “bloat” included on the list — which is unusual for a phone from Verizon.

The remaining .APKs look like programs that we’ve seen previously:

– ApplicationsProvider.apk

– BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk

– Bluetooth.apk

– BrowserGoogle.apk

– Calculator.apk

– CalendarGoogle.apk

– CalendarProvider.apk

– CameraGoogle.apk

– CertInstaller.apk

– Contacts.apk

– ContacsProvider.apk

– DefaultContainerService.apk

– DeskClockGoogle.apk

– DownloadProvider.apk

– DownloadProviderUi.apk

– DrmProvider.apk

– EmailGoogle.apk

– ExchangeGoogle.apk

– Galaxy4.apk

– GalleryGoogle.apk

– GenieWidget.apk

– Gmail.apk

– GoogleBackupTransport.apk

– GoogleContactSyncAdapter.apk

– GoogleEarth.apk

– GoogleFeedback.apk

– GoogleLoginService.apk

– GooglePackageVerifier.apk

– GooglePartnerSetup.apk

– GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk

– GoogleServicesFramework.apk

– GoogleTTS.apk

– HTMLViewer.apk

– HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk

– IMSFramework.apk

– LatinIMEDictionaryPack.apk

– LatinImeGoogle.apk

– Launcher2.apk

– LiveWallpapers.apk

– LiveWallpapersPicker.apk

– Maps.apk

– MarketUpdater.apk

– MediaProvider.apk

– MediaUploader.apk

– Microbes.apk

– Music2.apk

– MusicFX.apk

– NetworkLocation.apk

– NfcGoogle.apk

– NoiseField.apk

– OneTimeInitializer.apk

– PackageInstaller.apk

– Phone.apk

– Phonesky.apk

– PlusOne.apk

– Settings.apk

– SettingsProvider.apk

– SetupWizard.apk

– SoundRecorder.apk

– Street.apk

– SyncMLSvc.apk

– SystemUI.apk

– Talk.apk

– TelephoneProvider.apk

– UserDictionaryProvider.apk

– Videos.apk

– VisualizationWallpapers.apk

– VoiceDialer.apk

– VoiceSearch.apk

– VpnDialogs.apk

– YouTube.apk

Do you see something in the list that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Source: MyDroidWorld Forums

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