Android Application Weekly 7 Oct 2011


In this episode of the Android Application Weekly we demonstrate some apps that will keep you entertained, calculate virtually anything to do with finances, and view where the closest cell towers are located to increase signal strength. To download these directly to your Android smartphone or tablet just take a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner or click on the app title link to be taken directly to the Android Market.

Open Signal Maps – A free application


With Open Signal Maps you will be able to see your signal strength in a visual way. Find out exactly where the closest cell towers are located, run a speedtest, view a map of the cell towers in your area, get a graph of how your signal strength fluctuates, and even get Wi-Fi information.

Open Signal Maps

Beer Pong HD – A free application


Of course you will need to be of legal age to drink real beer, but with Beer Pong HD you can have fun all the same sober. This game is simple to play but becomes more challenging as your opponent scores more cups. When you opponent is able to shoot their ping pong ball into one of your cups the screen begins to bob and sway to mimic the effect of inebriation.


Financial Calculators Pro – No Lite and $4.99 full version


Financial Calculators Pro is the last calculator you will ever need to compute virtually anything that has to do with money. In a time when interest rates are at an all-time low Financial Calculators Pro will help you calculate what you will be spending on that next financed purchase.

Financial Calculators

7 Little Words – A free application


This simple crossword style game is easy to play and becomes very challenging with each new puzzle. The object of the game is to solve the seven little words with fragments from the buttons below. The clues will give you a little hint about which words should be played. Additional game packs are available for around $0.99 each.

7 Words

Early Bird – No Lite and $0.99 full version


You know what they say, “the Early Bird catches the worm.” In this game you must catch the worm in the allotted number of feathers. Each feather correlates to how many times the little blue bird is able to flap his wings. Catch the worm by landing on the target, if you are able to land with extra feathers left over or get a bull’s-eye you will earn bonus points.

Early Bird

Live Wallpaper – Autumn Leaves A free LWP

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