iOS App Picks 5 Oct 2011


In this episode of the iOS App Picks we demonstrate five applications in 30 seconds each. These apps will keep you entertained, calculate the exact price of fuel for your next trip, and allow you to make free calls to the US and Canada. To download these apps directly to your iPhone, just click on the title of the application and the iTunes software will automatically launch to the app in the App Store. If you have the free Google Search app installed on your iPhone just snap a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner that will launch the App Store on your iPhone.

MagicJack – A free application

IMG 00436
Make unlimited free calls to the US and Canada with MagicJack. This app uses a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to make calls without using any of your minutes. Lookup your existing contacts, use the dial pad, and check your MagicJack voicemail.

Filmic Pro – No Lite and $2.99 full version

IMG 00435
With Filmic Pro you will be able to set scene customizations that are available to most professional video equipment from your iOS device. Lock the focus to prevent autofocus from taking over, set the exposure, change the white balance, and turn on the LED light. View the recorded videos and upload them.

Cost2Drive – No lite and $2.99 full verion

IMG 00434
Deciding whether or not to drive to your next destination? With Cost2Drive you can view what the cost of fuel will be for your next trip. This app will break down the total cost of the trip based upon what vehicle you will be driving, the distance, and the average cost of fuel. Click on the link to get detailed information about your entire trip and get airline prices if that is a more cost effective approach.

Weather Drop – No lite and $0.99 full version

weatherdrop copy
Get weather information from almost anywhere in the world with Weather Drop. Type in a city name and Weather Drop will display a map showing the weather. Move the pin on the Google Map to select the exact location you want to get weather information about. This app will also use GPS to show exactly how the weather will be at your location.

Burn The Rope Worlds – No Lite and $0.99 full verison

As a sequel to the popular Burn The Rope, Burn The Rope Worlds offers more levels and more challenges for all you pyromaniacs out there. Tap on the rope to begin igniting it and turn the device to keep it burning. Just like holding a candle upside down will cause it to go out, Burn The Rope Worlds will do the same. Try to burn the entire rope to earn extra points and move onto the next level.

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