Mystery Phone Roundup: Samsung, Motorola, & More (Photos)


Here are a few handsets whose identities are in question; most likely they are unannounced models which are still undergoing testing by their respective OEMs. We figure that the best way to glean more information about them is to crowdsource the identification process — even if we can’t come up with model names or numbers, we may at least be able to discern some key features or indicators. Please feel free to note your observations in the comments.


Samsung 1

This is probably the easiest of the bunch: it’s likely to be a mid-range Android hitting AT&T as the SGH-I847. Specs, however, are nowhere to be found.

Samsung 2

Our best guess is that this is a version of the Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T: the earpieces look similar, but the handset in question has Samsung’s Americanized Android buttons.


Motorola 1

Motorola 2

Motorola 3

We’re not even sure how many handsets are being depicted in this set; it’s probably just one, but it could be two distinct models. Spyder? Dinara? Other?

Sony Ericsson?

Sony Ericsson

This is the most mysterious of all the devices, as we’re not even sure of the manufacturer here. It looks like something from Sony Ericsson’s Xperia mini lineup, but it seems to lack the usual buttons and branding we’re accustomed to.

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