Samsung Nexus Prime To Be Called Galaxy Nexus, More Rumors


Here’s a new set of rumors about the upcoming Samsung Nexus Prime — it still can’t even get close to the number of rumors the iPhone 5 gets. It appears that it will reach the market as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The information allegedly comes from a Samsung rep; he said that the highly anticipated phone will be indeed called Samsung Galaxy Nexus — wonder what will happen with Samsung’s newly adopted naming convention? It will reportedly sport a 4.65-inch HD display of 1280 x 720 resolution, 1 GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, microSD card slot, will be around 8.8mm thick and powered by a 2000mAh battery. The overall aspect is said to be one combining the looks of the Galaxy S II with the curved display of the Nexus S.

So far these specs line up with previous rumors but here are two inconsistencies with previous rumors. The Nexus Prime allegedly spotted at the Verizon Developer’s conference in Las Vegas ran Android 2.3 Gingerbread for some reason. The Galaxy Nexus our today’s rumor refers to runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich with 2.4.1 showing as its version number. Not sure what to make of that since we heard it might be version 4.x (or even more, Google itself didn’t seem convinced about what the version number would be).

Secondly, the rumor states it will be a Verizon exclusive. According to yesterday’s information, the phone spotted in Vegas supports both GSM and CDMA network frequencies (which is normal for a Google-branded pure Android phone).

Let’s leave it at that for the moment and see about Ice Cream Sandwich. The rumor goes on about Google’s next operating system, which is basically Gingerbread with a facelift. This includes new menus and animations plus an overall glassy look. There are now three app drawers: apps, games and widgets (this one has a preview mode).

Apparently, Google remade the Gmail, Calendar and Browsers applications. Gmail shows panels in landscape view while the Calendar app has a blue color scheme to it, with less clutter and a glassy look. It also comes with a new Calendar widget. The Browser has a new icon showing the Android logo behind the Earth and the browser itself has tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Feel free to dismiss these rumors (even us, we don’t know exactly where to put it) but one thing is for certain. Ice Cream Sandwich can’t come soon enough (with the Samsung-phone, that is) to continue the fight against the upcoming iOS 5 (preferably on the iPhone 5) and Windows Phone Mango that tries to take its first big bite.

Source: 4chan

Via: VzBuzz

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